In 1992, the general electorate of the Big Sky Resort Area voted to adopt a Resort Tax to be charged on “luxury” goods and services not deemed “necessities of life.” In 1998, the general electorate of the Big Sky Resort Area voted to create a District for local administration of the Resort Tax. Resort Tax is collected and remitted by local businesses operating within the District. The locally elected Board of 5 volunteer Directors strategically invests funds to address critical community needs. The District is administered by a small paid staff hired by the Board of Directors. 

Upcoming Events

Local Government Review

In the June Primary Elections, voters in both Gallatin and Madison counties chose to conduct a review of their local governments. Now the voters will elect study commissioners to head up this effort by evaluating the current local government’s structure and proposing...

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FY25 Commitments and Meeting Recap

The BSRAD Board finalized the FY25 budget with the ratification of the Nonprofit grant awards (Government and Reserve funding was commited earlier). FY25 commitments totaled $23,299,095. During the first week of June, the board reviewed 33 Nonprofit requests from 18...

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How do YOU want your public dollars spent?

Since 1992, the Big Sky Resort Area District (BSRAD) has awarded over $120 million to fund priority programs and projects throughout Big Sky. BSRAD is heading into the final process of budgeting for FY25. Reserves were committed in January. Awards for Government...

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