In May of 2019, Montana Senate Bill 241 (SB241) passed allowing the 10 designated resort tax communities to levy a vote on an additional 1% tax for voter approved critical infrastructure projects. Through a unanimous vote, the Board of Directors of the Big Sky Resort Area District (District) approved a resolution bringing projects to the Big Sky ballot.

The Big Sky County Water and Sewer District No. 363 (BSCWSD) submitted two applications for 1% projects within the resort tax District. One project constructs a much-needed upgrade to the BSCWSD Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF), increasing average day rated treatment capacity from 600,000 gallons to 910,000 gallons, to support the growing population. Additionally, the BSCWSD has made a commitment (upon completion of the expansion) of 500 Single Family Equivalents to address workforce housing, a community-wide identified necessity.

The second project constructs a Lift Station near the Highway 191/64 intersection to convey wastewater from the Canyon Area to the WRRF. This includes a force main paralleling 64 and connecting the Lift Station to the WRRF. In addition, a second main will take highly treated effluent from the WRRF to dispose in ground water infiltration galleries. The project will help eliminate some Canyon Area septic drain fields as well as recharge groundwater. The net result will improve water quality, address capacity issues due to population growth, and minimize environmental impacts, most notably on the Gallatin River. The projects requested up to $27 million and $12 million for each respective project.