Resort Tax Funding


Each year, Big Sky’s organizations submit applications to the Resort Tax Board requesting funds to help support the many services, programs, and projects that make Big Sky such a spectacular place to live and work.

Big Sky is certainly Better Together and we invite the entire community to review the funding requests and share what is important to YOU. Send comments and feedback to, reach out to a board member, or share your public comment at one of the upcoming virtual community meetings



How Resort Tax Collections are Awarded

The Big Sky Resort Area District awards resort tax funding on an annual basis. The funding supports local services and programs including a post office; ambulance and other emergency medical services; public transportation systems; tourism development; and other services that provide for the public health, safety, and welfare within the Big Sky Resort Area District. With the commitment of the many entities that serve Big Sky, we are Better Together.

How To Apply For Resort Tax Funding

If your organization or its programming is located within the boundaries of the Big Sky Resort Area District and it provides a service, program, or project that provides for the public health, safety, and welfare of the greater Big Sky Resort Area District community, you may apply for Resort Tax funding.

As required by law, an applicant must be a legal entity formed under the laws of the State of Montana. The purpose of the funding request must be within the purposes of the District’s Legal Ordinance NO. 98-01, as amended, and must benefit the community at large, and not a single person, organization, or corporation. The applicant must be “an entity” that is capable of both “legally and practically” carrying out the purpose of the appropriation. The applicant must be a governmental unit, corporation, or limited partnership with the capability of being legally bound by an Agreement.

Information for Resort Tax FY20 Fund Recipients

If your organization received resort tax funding for FY20, you may submit payment requests when your Award Agreement has been fully executed.

Payments are made, to the best of our ability, every two weeks. Payment request forms can be found here: FY20 Payment Request Form

Final payment requests must be received by July 15, 2020. Your organization will also be required to submit a summary of your mission and/or successes accompanied by photographs.

If you have questions, please contact the Resort Tax Office.

Other Questions

Visit our Resort Tax Funding FAQ’s for more common questions and answers or contact the Resort Tax office.