Resort Tax Funding

FY24 Funding Cycle

Organizations that are interested in applying are encouraged to review the resources listed on this page. The District also strongly encourages interested applicants, particularly first time applicants, to reach out and schedule time with staff prior to February 1st. Staff is here to provide insight and guidance to all applicants.

Key Dates

February 1, 2023 | LOIs Available @ 9 am
February 15, 2023 | LOI Deadline @ 11:45 pm
February 27, 2023 | LOI Eligibility Review Meeting (as needed)
March 1, 2023 | Project Applications Available (by invitation only) @ 9 am
March 31, 2023 | Project Application Deadline @ 11:45 pm
May 12, 2023 | Questions Shared with Sponsors
May 25, 2023 | Sponsor Response Deadline
June 5, 2023 | Application Review Meeting 1 @ 5:30 pm
June 6, 2023 | Application Review Meeting 2 @ 5:30 pm
June 8, 2023 | Application Review Meeting 3 @ 5:30 pm

Information for Resort Tax Award Recipients

If your organization was awarded Resort Tax funding, you may submit payment requests when an Award Orientation has been completed, an Award Contract has been signed, and you have completed the Post Award Follow Up Form. Requests are processed on the 1st and 15th of each month and organizations can expect to receive payment within 7-10 days of processing. Instructions, expectations, and guidelines for submitting Payment Requests can be viewed using the button below.

FY23 Funding Cycle

Over the course of two meetings on June 6 & 9, 2022, the District’s locally elected Board used your feedback to help guide them in making strategic community investments. FY23 awards (not including $5,176,784 of preexisting interlocal commitments) total 63 projects sponsored by 21 organizations for a investment of $7,998,179.

Since 1992, over $80 million in Resort Tax investments have played a significant role in funding priority programs and projects throughout Big Sky. Included in these are: Arts & Education, Economic Development, Health & Safety, Housing, Public Works, and Recreation & Conservation. These dollars have been a pivotal tool for funding Big Sky’s priorities.

Historical Resort Tax Funding Information

View funding history here »

Other Questions

Visit our Resort Tax Funding FAQ’s for more common questions and answers or contact the Resort Tax office.

Text MT64PROJECT to 41411 or Email for weekly updates
Call the hotline 406-207-4484 

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