BIG SKY, Mont. – In late 2019, the Our Big Sky Community Vision & Strategy was released to the public.
A proactive group of community leaders assembled and organized themselves as the Coordinating
Council of Big Sky, responsible for the implementation of this community-led vision. Just as momentum
was building, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and life as we knew it was suspended. Seemingly overnight,
our already bustling community surged with unprecedented growth and transition. Cost of living and
housing prices soared as urban dwellers fled to more remote outdoor destinations. Two years down the
road and years of focused Big Sky Relief efforts, we return to this community-led plan.

“As we pivot away from addressing immediate pandemic impacts through Big Sky Relief, it’s critical we
strengthen the efforts of the Coordinating Council. These leaders are working diligently to implement
the core strategies outlined by the community,” said Jenny Muscat, Operations Manager of BSRAD.

There have been a few changes to adapt the pre-COVID plan to meet current community needs. What
remains the same, is the steadfast truth, that the future of Big Sky is directly shaped by our ability to act
now for future generations. The strategies and initiatives outlined require a high-level of coordination
and collaboration across public and private sectors. Plan implementation is reliant on the community
leaders responsible for coordinating community needs within outlined strategic focus areas. Baseline
metrics are being developed for measurable progress, including OUTCOMES for strategies, KEY RESULTS
for initiatives, and GOALS for projects. Community members who wish to learn more detail, are
encouraged to contact the coordinators associated with individual strategies.

Ruthi Solari with Yellowstone Club Community Foundation noted, “I’m proud how far this plan has come
along with adapted detail from what was learned through the pandemic. This plan has been co-designed
to serve the public good and amplify values that community members and leaders hold in common. It
provides a clear methodology of how project execution can take place with a greater context of
community strategies. This truly is a working community-led vision for the future of Big Sky.”

Read the 2022 Update and other details HERE>

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