VRBO/HomeAway Tax Collections and Remittance Changes:

In the Fall of 2019, VRBO/HomeAway modified its platform to collect the State of Montana Lodging Tax. Subsequently, this eliminated the ability for owners to collect the 3% Resort Tax in the system. We heard from the local short-term rental community this change created challenges with collecting the Big Sky Resort Tax. Since that time the Big Sky Resort Area District has negotiated a collections agreement with VRBO/HomeAway to collect and remit the Resort Tax on behalf of VRBO/HomeAway properties located within the District boundaries. As of January 1, 2020 VRBO/HomeAway, is collecting and remitting Resort Taxes for all online bookings in the Big Sky Resort Area District.


FAQ: VRBO/HomeAway Tax Collections and Remittance Changes:

  • Do I still need to register my business with the District?
    • Yes, per Ordinance 98-01 all establishments operating within the District must register. Please provide your VRBO/HomeAway listing number when registering.
  • Do I still need to complete tax forms?
    • You will be responsible for remittance of all taxable sales prior to January 1, 2020. All taxable sales after January 1, 2020, will be remitted by VRBO/HomeAway.
  • What if my home is listed on multiple sites (I.e. Airbnb, Flip Key or others)?
    • This change in collections and remittance is applicable to bookings made through the VRBO/HomeAway platform. If the same property is listed on multiple platforms you must still collect and remit Resort Tax from bookings through those platforms.
  • How do I know that VRBO/HomeAway is collecting Resort Tax on my behalf?
    • To determine if VRBO/HomeAway collects and remits lodging tax for a specific property:
      • Log into your account.
      • Click Calendar in the left navigation menu
      • Click Rates.
      • Click on the gear for Rates settings.
      • Click Taxes. You will see here what taxes HomeAway is collect and remitting for your listing.
    • If you don’t see any lodging taxes listed, that means VRBO/HomeAway isn’t collecting this tax on your behalf and you remain responsible for collecting and remitting taxes from your guests.
  • Who do I contact with further questions?
    • Questions pertaining to Resort Tax contact 406-995-3234 or info@resorttax.org
    • Questions pertaining to the State Lodging tax contact VRBO/HomeAway at 877-228-3145

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