The May 5th ballot contained a vote for 3 Directors serving on the board of 5 for the Big Sky Resort Area District. In addition, voters had the question of increasing the rate of Resort Tax 1% for Infrastructure.

For the Director election there were 6 candidates; Kevin Germain, Ed Hake, Ryan Kunz, Tucker Roundy, Ciara Wolfe, and Grace Young, running for the 3 available seats.
The results are Kevin Germain, Ciara Wolfe and Grace Young have been elected to the Board of Directors.

The Ballot measure for the 1% for Infrastructure was seeking to increase the rate of Resort Tax by 1% to fund 60% (not exceed $27 million) of the much-needed upgrade to the BSCWSD Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF), increasing average day rated treatment capacity from 600,000 gallons to 910,000 gallons, to support the growing population. and to fund 100% (not to exceed $12 million) of constructing a Lift Station near the Highway 191/64 intersection to convey wastewater from the Canyon Area to the WRRF. This includes a force main paralleling 64 and connecting the Lift Station to the WRRF. In addition, a second main will take highly treated effluent from the WRRF to dispose of groundwater infiltration galleries.
The results are that the 1% for Infrastructure vote has passed. The 1% rate increase will be effective on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020.

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