The BSRAD Board will be meeting on Wednesday June 3rd to review the FY21 Spring Applicant Questions & Answers.
This meeting will be held remotely using Zoom Webinar and the Explore Big Sky Facebook Live stream. Use the details below to join virtually as an applicant or member of the public.

Public comment or letters of support can be shared in two different ways during all three meetings:

  • Prior to the meetings (up until 3 pm the day of the meeting) via email to
  • During the meeting using the Q&A feature on the Zoom platform
    • Any public comment or letters of support received will be read aloud by a BSRAD staff member during the meeting whenever the agenda calls for public comment
    • We ask that any public comment received includes the first and last name of the person sharing their comment or support
    • Comments on the Facebook live stream WILL NOT be accepted as public comment and will not be addressed by BSRAD staff or board member
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