Suggestions for productive public comment:
    • Include your full name and your address.
    • Share your feedback for projects and their outcomes.
      • For example: I support x project because it does y for the greater good of Big Sky.
    • Broad based feedback for organizations does not communicate to the District why a project is important and therefore, how project outcomes meet community need.
      • For example: I support x organization, fully fund (does not communicate project outcomes.)
    • If you are sharing written comment, please submit prior to the October 29 deadline.
    • Review FY21 Project Applications HERE>
To share public comment with the District:
Prior to the November meetings:
    • Please email by Thursday, October 29 at 12pm (noon) and your comment will be included in the Board Packet.
During the meeting:


    • Join the Zoom meeting.
    • “Raise Your Hand” (or use *9 if you join via phone) to share your public comment. A staff member will allow you to speak to the Board when the Chairman calls for public comment.
    • Or use the “Chat” feature and a staff member will read your comment aloud.
    • Comments on the Facebook live stream WILL NOT be accepted as public comment and will not be addressed by the District.
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