Morningstar Learning Center is a non profit entity and Big Sky’s only state-licensed child-care facility. Morningstar Learning Center’s mission is to fill a critical void in Big Sky’s basic community infrastructure by providing accessible, affordable childcare services. They serve 50 families in the community with children from the ages of six months to six years of age.

Regardless of income, Morningstar wants each Big Sky parent to be able to enhance their children’s development and learning and be able to take advantage of early childhood education. Resort Tax reduces the tuition per child, bringing daycare costs inline with average Bozeman costs.

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Photos courtesy of the Morningstar Learning Center.

Funds Awarded
by Fiscal Year

FY22 / $275,000
FY21 / $157,310
FY20 / $136,140
FY19 /
FY18 / $371,948
FY17 / $78,000
FY16 / $90,800
FY15 / $64,700
FY13 / $24,000
FY11 / $20,000
FY09 / $175,000
FY08 / $300,000

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