The Montana Land Reliance (MLR) partners with private landowners to permanently protect agricultural lands, fish and wildlife habitat, and open space.

The immediate accomplishments of MLR’s work are measured in miles of streambank and acres of land and habitat protected. The lasting benefits of MLR’s work are the perpetuation of a lifestyle and an economy that rely on responsibly managed private land and increasingly valuable Montana open spaces that will continue to nourish the spirit of future generations.

MLR has conserved over 1,050,000 acres statewide, including over 300,000 acres in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Within the Resort Tax boundary of Big Sky, MLR has protected 9,581 acres of land, 29 miles of stream and riverfront, and 9,000 acres of elk habitat.

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Photos courtesy of Montana Land Reliance. 

Funds Awarded
by Fiscal Year

FY22 / $20,000
FY21 /
FY20 / $19,500
FY19 / $14,851
FY18 / $14,528
FY17 / $10,000

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