Madison Conservation District

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The Madison Conservation District (MCD) works locally to conserve soil, water, and other natural resources of the state. The MCD works throughout over 1 million acres, and encompasses parts of the Madison, Gallatin, and Jefferson watersheds. Using input from local communities, the Madison Conservation District is guided by a board of supervisors with a shared concern for the health of the land and the region’s resources.  Project and program funding is secured from grants, and leveraged with county funds to support ongoing activities.


Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act: Any private individual or corporation that proposes to work in or near perennial streams or rivers within our area must first apply for a permit from the Madison Conservation District.

Water Quality: MCD is responsible for nonpoint source (NPS) pollution control at the local level through the 310 Permit process. We also have a highly successful volunteer water monitoring program, the Madison Stream Team. We work with state agencies to identify and prioritize areas affected by NPS pollution, and then work with the local community to provide feedback and planning support for the development of TMDL documents.

Watershed Planning: MCD coordinates and/or participates in local efforts to increase the effectiveness of resource management and planning activities on private, county, state and federal land.

Education: MCD engages in educational activities with people of all ages to help them understand the value of conservation and how best to accomplish it.

Riparian Management: MCD sponsor and conduct landowner workshops, produces and distributes informational materials, and conducts demonstration projects and tours of riparian management techniques.

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Funds Awarded
by Fiscal Year

FY19 / $3,500
FY18 / $4,000
FY17 / $4,500
FY16 / $9,250
FY15 / $2,000
FY14 / $3,400
FY13 / $1,490
FY12 / $2,000

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