The Gallatin Invasive Species Alliance (GISA) is a locally-led nonprofit 501(c) (3) working to conserve native plants, wildlife habitat, and water resources by educating the public about invasive species and their management. Governed by a board of community members and natural resource experts, GISA facilitates a successful, comprehensive, and cost-effective campaign against invasive species in the greater Big Sky area.

Since 2009, the Alliance has:

  • Removed over 13,000 lbs of noxious weeds during community weeds pulls along the Gallatin River, Big Sky Community Park, and public trailheads and lands with the help of 600 volunteers
  • Educated and assisted over 700 landowners, representing 9,020 acres
  • Facilitated cooperative treatment efforts in Big Sky, a value of $24,890
  • Leveraged assistance through partnerships, including over $61,000 in improving critical bighorn sheep winter range
  • Launched PlayCleanGo in Big Sky, a campaign to slow or stop the spread of terrestrial invasive species (those that occur on land) through changes in public behavior
  • Initiated CleanDrainDry, an aquatic invasive species awareness campaign, in partnership with Gallatin River Task Force
  • Identified 3 new invaders to the area and facilitated management
  • Matched every $1 of grant funding with $1.44 of in-kind funding for the past seven years

This mission is accomplished through the following programs:

Community Program:  Raising awareness and educating the public about invasive species and their impact on the ecosystem through community events, partnerships, and programs.

Education Program:  Raising awareness and educating the public about invasive species and their impact on the ecosystem through various public relations outlets.

Habitat Improvement Program:  Protecting and enhancing vital and/or compromised habitat for plants, fisheries, and wildlife within the GISA’s project area in partnership with pertinent organizations, groups, and agencies.

Landowner Assistance Program:  Educating landowners about the ecological impacts of invasive species and providing information and guidance on their management.

Mapping & Monitoring Program:  Maintaining ecological health and diversity by assisting and supporting partner agencies responsible for invasive species management in early detection of and rapid response to noxious weed populations in GISA’s project area.

The work accomplished by GISA not only preserves our beloved native ecosystems, but it protects the economic engine that drives Big Sky and the surrounding communities.

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Photos courtesy of Gallatin Invasive Species Alliance.

Funds Awarded
by Fiscal Year

FY22 / $73,148
FY21 / $26,068
FY20 /
FY19 /
FY18 / $51,700
FY17 / $49,000
FY16 / $37,200
FY15 / $30,000
FY14 / $34,300
FY13 / $19,000
FY12 / $19,000
FY11 / $19,000
FY10 / $19,000
FY09 / $19,000
FY08 / $19,000
FY07 / $29,120
FY06 / $29,640

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