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The Big Sky Community Organization is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit entity created in 1998 to promote, acquire, preserve, and maintain land, parks, trails, and easements for the use of the Big Sky Community and the general public. Several volunteer committees are organized to carry out our mission and include: Parks, Trails, Historic Crail Ranch, Big Sky Softball League, Skate Park Committee, Disc Golf, Big Sky Tennis Association, and Camp Big Sky.

The Big Sky Community Organization took ownership of 36 acres of park land adjacent to the existing softball fields in 2006. After a one-year community park master planning process funded by Resort Tax and a matching grant from the Trust for Public Land, the dream for an expanded park was crafted. Encompassing 44 total acres, there is plenty of space to enjoy all kinds of activities, from walking your dog and riding a bike to ice skating and cross country skiing.

Surrounded by towering mountains, evergreen forests, and world-class rivers, Big Sky makes an ideal playground for outdoor recreationists. For some, the best part of Big Sky is the 12+ miles of trails constructed, managed, and maintained by the Big Sky Community Corporation Trails Committee. Our trails represent a place to reflect on the day, to take a break from the routine, and to explore a part of the Big Sky community. The Trails Committee works to add to the local trail system while deepening the experience for users of the trails. We seek to provide environmental education and activities that help users discover the world around them.

Co-ed softball League in Big Sky is a thriving activity in the summer. The Big Sky Community Park has two softball fields with games taking place June – September on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Rosters can have up to 20 people and 3 women must be on the field at all times.

Little League
Little league games start in May with practice beginning late April. Games will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

There are two tennis court facilities within the Big Sky Community Park. Tennis programs take place throughout the summer, and courts are available for use free to the public all summer.

Skate Park
The skate park and ramp are open for use from sun up to sun down weather permitting throughout the year. 

Disc Golf
The Big Sky Community Park has an 18 hole disc golf course. The course is open to the public weather permitting and there is an open league game night on Tuesdays at 6 pm throughout the summer.

Crail Ranch
Established as a homestead by Augustus Franklin Crail in 1902, and occupied by Crail family members for nearly half a century, the Historic Crail Ranch remains as a tangible reminder of the life of the earliest settlers in the Big Sky area. Restoration of the Historic Crail Ranch is a project of the Crail Ranch Conservators with support from BSOA, the Resort Tax, and interested citizens.

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Photos courtesy of the Big Sky Community Organization.

Funds Awarded
by Fiscal Year

FY22 / $978,182
FY21 / $553,736
FY20 /
FY19 / $693,986
FY18 / $548,619
FY17 / $538,054
FY16 / $523,539
FY15 / $343,220
FY14 / $421,000
FY13 / $190,000
FY12 / $289,600
FY11 / $365,600
FY10 / $125,000
FY09 / $212,596
FY08 / $395,742
FY06 / $42,000
FY02 / $101,181
FY01 / $67,000
FY99 / $24,142

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