With the winter season in full swing, the Big Sky Resort Area District Board extends community appreciation to the businesses and lodging establishments collecting the Resort Tax. Since collections are invested right back into this great place, Big Sky directly benefits from your time and efforts.

The Board meets the second Wednesday of each month and our meetings are open to the public. If you missed the February meeting, we discussed Resort Tax and Fundraisers, Charities and Community Service. Please note and adhere to the following practice in your own business:

Are non-profits required to collect resort tax on the sale of goods and services otherwise taxable? Yes. Non-profit organizations do not have any statutory exemption from the obligation to collect the resort tax on the goods and services they sell which would otherwise be taxable. The exemption of non-profits from taxation of their revenue established through section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code applies only to federal income taxation, not to state taxation.

Are Fundraiser, Charity and Community Service events required to collect resort tax? Yes. When a ticket is sold resort tax must be collected. The exception is when the ticket expressly states that a specified dollar amount of the ticket price goes to charity. Resort tax is not collected on the charitable deduction.

Are the amounts paid for auction and raffle items, which have been donated, taxable? No.

For additional information on Resort Taxable items and the Appropriations Process visit our website. See you on the ski hill.

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