Big Sky, Montana
March 14th, 2020

In response to COVID-19, the Big Sky Resort Area District (District) is actively preparing to support the potential impacts on Big Sky. District Board Chair Kevin Germain commented, “Now more than ever, it is paramount that we make strategic investments for our community. The District is coordinating with key partners to ensure Big Sky is poised to weather this storm. Our community has a long history of coming together during a time of need and this is no exception.” The spread of COVID-19 is arriving at a time leading into numerous public meetings including appropriations, 1% Education Sessions, and Board Candidate forums. Germain further elaborated that, “We are striving to maintain a high level of public engagement through utilizing remote meeting technology. It’s important that the District provides a safe space for the community to stay involved and come together around important issues.”

The FY21 application for Resort Tax funds is currently online and accessible for qualifying organizations. Additional consideration is underway by the District to explore “Emergency Appropriations” to ensure critical services keep each person in our community safe, healthy, and supported. “We recognize that there will be both short and long-term impacts from COVID-19. Our immediate attention is focused on ensuring the people of Big Sky have core needs supported and that emergency services have the means to do so. The District also recognizes that some form of economic impact will become evident as a result of COVID-19. It’s important that we work with partners to ensure Big Sky’s successful recovery of these impacts.”

In order to stay a healthy community, the District strongly encourages visitors and residents to follow CDC and Health Department recommendations. As an additional precautionary measure, for the foreseeable future District operations will be moving to remote work. Standard hours of operation (Monday-Friday, 9-5) are still in effect and we are open for business. Collectors and Fund Recipients who need to contact staff are encouraged to do so by email and phone. Collectors are still required to collect and continue to support the community helping collect dollars that fund critical community services.

While the office is operating remotely, you may contact the office by email or phone during regular business hours, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.
To contact Resort Tax:

Daniel Bierschwale, Executive Director:; 406.995.3234 x 1

Kristin Drain, Finance & Compliance Manager:; 406.995.3234 x 2

Jenny Muscat, Operations Manager:; 406.995.3234 x 3

Sara Huger, Administrative Assistant:; 406.995.3234 x 4

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